When Death Occurs

Please accept our sympathy and support at this most difficult time. We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. Realizing this may be your first experience with the death of a loved one, we are committed to:  

  • Personally guiding and directing you through the funeral process with caring, professional service.
  • Educating you on the many options available to you in making this final tribute personal and meaningful.
  • Being available to you after the funeral to assist in any way we can.

One of our Funeral Directors will be calling you for an arrangement interview. To best serve you, please allow two hours for this appointment.

We encourage you to read through this brochure prior to meeting with them. It will prepare you for the many decisions you will be making in the funeral planning process.

Although you may not feel it now, the death of a loved one impacts you mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The funeral service embraces you in every aspect. We encourage you to utilize and participate in the therapeutic value of the service.  

  • Mentally - Planning the funeral and viewing the body allows you to believe the death has occurred. You begin to realize how dramatically your life has changed. 

  • Physically - The funeral process provides you with order and structure during the initial periods of numbness and confusion. 
  • Emotionally - It allows an open expression for your love and grief through memory sharing and having the opportunity to say good-bye or anything that has been left unsaid. 
  • Socially - Family and friends will come to support you as well as give testimony to the meaningful relationships they had with your loved one. You come together to share the love and the loss. 
  • Spiritually - Expressing your religious beliefs through the funeral process allows you to be grounded in your faith which may be your source of strength and comfort in the days to come.

Vital Statistic Information

The Death Certificate is a legal Document. It is imperative that the information submitted is accurate and everything is spelled correctly.

Full Legal Name:
Address of Deceased:
City, State, Zip Code:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Social Security Number:

Veteran: Yes or No If Yes, Branch of Service, Served during which War? Rank; Do you have Honorably Discharged papers? DD214 is necessary for elgilbility for a National Cemetery, securing the American Flag, and Honors Team.

Business or Industry:
Marital Status:
Maiden name if applicable:
Name of Surviving Spouse:
Education 0-12:
College # Years:
Father's Name:
Mother's Maiden Name:

The Funeral Home prepares the death certificate from this information. The average time span for processing ranges from 5-7 days. The family will be contacted when the certified copies are completed.

The death certificate is issued in two different forms: the long form, which states the cause of death, and the short form, which does not state the cause of death. Counties vary on the assessed fee per certified copy. Average cost is $8 to $10 each. The Funeral Director can provide cost information and will order them on your behalf. For your convenience, the fees will be added to your Funeral Home bill.

Please use the following information to determine how many of each you will need to order:

*It is recommended that you purchase two (2) extra copies for future use. However, additional copies may be ordered directly from the County Bureau of Vital Statistics at any time.

Obituary Information

Full name:
City of residence:
Date of Death:
* Cause of death:
Birthplace - City/State:
Year moved to Central Florida:
From - City/State:
Religious Affiliation - Church Membership:
Member or organizational affiliations:
Military Service - Branch and Veteran of War(s):
Other interesting facts:
List Immediate Survivors: Indicate relationship to the deceased and city/state of residence.

* The cause of death is optional information; however, in some areas, when the family requests a photo of the deceased to be printed with the obituary, the cause of death must be published.

For your convenience, the funeral notice and any out-of-town obituary fees will be added to your Funeral Home bill.

OUr Website

Also provided at no cost, an Online Guest Register fills an immediate need, giving everyone a way to stay informed and share feelings online. Your Online Guest Register records condolence messages sent by friends and family.

Reminder Checklist


  • CLOTHING (Including shoes, undergarments, glasses and jewelry)
  • PHOTOS (will be returned to you)
  • (1) OBITUARY
  • DD 214 (Military Discharge Papers)
  • INSURANCE POLICIES - Beneficiary's Social Security Number(s)

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